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For Flow-based Instruments and Components.

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Global FIA is an innovative technology company offering products, expertise, and system design for the application of flow-based analysis techniques. At our core, we delight in projects that make a positive impact on the world in which we live.

When Global FIA was founded by Don Olson in 1992, our focus was on Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA). In recent years, we have taken this technology to a new level with fluid handling concepts that expand the functionality in sample preparation, manipulation and processing. We have coined a new term, Zone Fluidics (ZF), for this new approach to fluid manipulation. We often describe ZF as a "fluidics robot". With the capability of performing complex sample processing operations and analytical measurements, it builds on the strength of its predecessors and opens opportunities for more complex assays and automation.

A detailed description of ZF can be found in our seminal paper in

Analytica Chimica Acta

Volume 499, Issues 1–2, 4 December 2003, Pages 29–40

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Our business has us supplying turnkey systems and consulting services.  We also maintain a broad range of components that are useful to those practicing flow-based analysis.  We are also quite flexible in splitting the work load to ensure that our customers expertise are woven into the project structure and final product.

Global FIA has established an international customer base that extends onto every continent and into a wide range of business sectors and academia. Our Global customer base is served from our Fox Island location in the Pacific Northwest.

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Global FIA's strength lies in its responsiveness to customer needs built upon a deep multi-disciplinary expertise base and large network of business and academic alliances that it has developed over more than 20 years in the field. To this end, Global FIA has committed itself to high quality and innovative products and solutions. 

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