The evaluation version of FloZF is a full featured, device control package for flow-based analysis. The number of supported devices is limited. You must be logged in to download our software..

For Flow-based Instruments and Components.

Ion sensitive electrodes (ISE) are widely used in numerous analytical laboratories which measure single anions and cations in aqueous samples. Typical ions include chloride, flouride, sodium, and proton (pH).The ISEs provide a simple, inexpensive, and easy method of measuring these ions. ISEs of various designs are offered by a number of companies marketing analytical laboratory equipment.


Advances in one field of technology frequently provide new opportunities in another. Such is the case with recent advances in the field of photolithographic 3D printing. Materials, print resolution and the equipment to do it have advanced to a stage where we can 3D print flow manifolds for use in flow analyzers.


Global FIA has just been awarded a patent (USP 8,365,616) for its versatile Sampling Probe developed by Woody Wolcott and Graham Marshall.  This probe includes a small 3-way valve developed by Wolcott that enables the user to carry out a range fo fluid manipulation steps right at the sample probe in close-proximity to the sampling point.

miniSIA-2 maniPowerful, flexible, versatile automation

The Global FIA miniSIA-2 combines the power of FIA and SIA in a single instrument without need for any hardware changes.  The concept was first described by Ruzicka in the FIA Tutorial.

The Super Serpentine Reactor employs a length of tubing that is weaved onto a plastic platen using a cross stitch pattern.  The pattern employed ensures the maximum number of changes in direction in 3-D space possible.  By forcing the flowing fluid to make rapid changes in direction it is possible to significantly improve the mixing patterns achievable in a flowing stream.  This phenomenon has been employed in knotted reactors and the Super Serpentine Reactor provides a measure of rigidity and predictability to the reactor.  Use of the Super Serpentine Reactor will increase radial dispersion while minimizing axial dispersion.  In fact, it is possible to actually reduce axial dispersion compared to a straight length of tubing by using the Super Serpentine Reactor.

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