miniSIA-2 maniPowerful, flexible, versatile automation

The Global FIA miniSIA-2 combines the power of FIA and SIA in a single instrument without need for any hardware changes.  The concept was first described by Ruzicka in the FIA Tutorial.

The system is equipped with two milliGAT pumps coupled to twin heated holding coils.  The tubing from these two holding coils merge at the center of a Chem-on-Valve™ (COV) monolithic manifold. This configuration allows the simultaneous merging of two streams which is a characteristic feature of FIA and a necessity for many chemiluminescence reactions.

An extra measure of modularity is built into the COV by making the detector flow cell a bolt-on piece.  This means that the same COV manifold can be configured with a short or long path length absorbance cell, fluorescence cell,  chemiluminescence cell, one of a host of different electrochemical cells, as well as cells that can be used together with bead detection or the increasingly powerful sequential injection chromatography (SIChrom) modes of operation.

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