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Nymotion (Portland, OR) is a an innovative company with extensive expertise in motion control.  Recently Global FIA teamed up with Nymotion to develop a compact laboratory 96-well plate sampler.

Plate_SamplerThe Plate Sampler is an x-y-z stage that will accommodate two 96-well plates or holders with a similar footprint.  While larger systems are readily available and can handle many more well plates, the Plate Sampler provides a compact solution for those applications where one or two plates are needed.  It's compact size (12” x 11” x 8½” W X D X H) means that it is economical with bench space.

In addition to standard 96-well plates, it is possible to accommodate vial racks as shown in the picture.  A universal 3/8-20 threaded needle mount will accept a standard needle or custom needle assembly.  The device is powered by 24VDC and control is via an RS-232 or RS-485 port using a simple ASCII command set.  A wash station that is drained using an integrated miniature peristaltic pump allows for needle washes between samples.  Global FIA's FloZF software has a built in driver for the Plate Sampler that allows both manual and automated operation.

The Plate Sampler can be used as both an auto sampler and a fraction collector or a combination of the two.  With appropriate needle assembly, it can be used as a platform for batch reactions as well.  The Plate Sampler coupled to a Global FIA FloPro makes for a powerful fluid handling system.

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