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Global FIA has just been awarded a patent (USP 8,365,616) for its versatile Sampling Probe developed by Woody Wolcott and Graham Marshall.  This probe includes a small 3-way valve developed by Wolcott that enables the user to carry out a range fo fluid manipulation steps right at the sample probe in close-proximity to the sampling point.

 The probe was initially developed to allow for sampling of super-saturated samples which are prone to come out of solution with cooling.  By carrying out a dilution step right at the sampling point the compound is diluted before it can clog up narrow transfer lines.

Sample Probe

Various accessories and attachments allow sampling from:


  • Batch reactors
  • Homogenous room temperature reactors
  • Heterogeneous room temperature reactors where the liquid phase or sample containing solids is required
  • Reactors at elevated temperatures containing supersaturated solutions
  • Miniature reactors where probe size is a constraint
  • Flow through reactors
  • The headspace of reactors
What distinguishes this probe from many others is that it includes a stream switching device.  This device is either a two-position three-port valve or a two position four-port switching valve.  This valve allows the design of fluid handling systems with certain sample manipulations carried out in close proximity to the sampling point.  This feature is vital in the handling of heterogeneous samples or super-saturated solutions.  It allows sample manipulation unit operations such as dilution, solvent modification, and enrichment.  Our thinking in developing this probe was to transform the sample into a form that is easier to handle as close to the sampling point as possible.  In this way we have been able to simplify many tedious and troublesome sampling projects and expand the degree of automation achievable for real-time at-line analysis.  


The probe can be equipped with a range of tips including various filters as depicted in the following picture.

Probe tips


The simplest probe tip provides no sample conditioning and is a straightforward 0.03” ID inlet (A).  This tip can be equipped with a stainless steel 75 µm screen (B).  Several filter elements have been developed.  Each filter element is replaceable.  The large volume filter element is equipped with a 2cm long 25µm porous Teflon filter (C).  The small volume filter is equipped with a 7mm 2µm filter (D).  The flat bottom filter tip allows sampling from shallow reactors (E) and has a filter surface area of 30 mm2 and can be equipped with any filter disk. The sterile barrier filter is equipped with a 7mm 0.2µm filter (F).  Syringe filters can be attached to the luer fitting tip (G). 

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